Hi, This page is dedicated to the projects that I have compeleted throughout of the years.
Computer building
          Computers are cheap now days. It is easy to go to your local BestBuy to pick up a computer and it will work right out of the box. However, some individuals may use their computer for one specific task, video editing. A video editing PC does not require too much graphics power and it need good multi-core performance. Purchasing a gaming PC at BestBuy may get the job done, however, that is money wasted on the hardware that you don’t need. I have built three computers for friend, family, and myself. Each is dedicated to their tasks.
PI-Hole Adblocking
          Let's face it, No one wants to see ads when we are browsing the web. As an active internet user, I often come across sites that are loaded with advertisments that slows down the browsing experience. As webpages gets bigger with scripts and custom CSS, advertisments are overloading my parents' old PC and iPads. I understand some sites survive on advertisements alone, but for non tech-savvy people like my parents, having an advertisement blocking solution on my home network will avoid countless of headaches and problems.
Website Design
          With technology being more and more relevant to the modern society, a website is necessary to create a positive image for an individual or an organization. I have created several websites for both my personal use and for a non-profit organization, Lutheran Church of the Cross .
          I took an AP Computer Science class at my Highschool. Althought I have never taken any real coding classes, I learned snippets of various codes online while figuring out how to troubleshoot my computers.
Minecraft servers
          Haha, middle school years? When I was teenager, I was very into the game called Minecraft. I have hosted Minecraft servers on my own computer to play with my friends. Eventually upgrading to a better dedeicated server to ensure better uptime for my friends. I have also administrated a few servers as a hobby. I was in charge of the technical portion to ensure a smooth running Minecraft server. Although it has been years that I have played Minecraft, this game served as a great teacher to encourage and inspire me to pursue a career of technology.